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Hi, my name is Stuart Miniman and you’re on my personal blog site.  Since a young age, I’ve been into computers (starting with my mother’s TRS-80 Model 3 and soon followed by my own Apple IIc).  In the 90s, this meant that my wife and I had a website (no longer available) and in that fine tradition, in 2007, I dove into the social media space.  A Twitter account soon led me to starting a small blog (where you can continue to find less structured posts on traveling and other topics).  My tag cloud (on the right) should give you a general idea of the topics that I cover.  When looking at the adoption of technologies, I try to look at both sides of “the chasm” – what the early adopters are excited about and how the technology impacts the majority.

For 10 years, I was an analyst at Wikibon and host of theCUBE.  I watched the progression of infrastructure (my background is in networking  and virtualization) as the pull of cloud computing grew. I dug into the emerging cloud native landscape, including the rise of containers, Kubernetes, and serverless.  In 2020, I left the media/analyst role to take a job at Red Hat in the Cloud Platform team. For more on my professional background, please see LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/miniman

Thank you for checking out the site; courteous comments and debate are always welcome.

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