Federation meets The Cube: LIVE broadcasting from EMC World

May 6, 2010

I’m really more of a Star Wars fanboy, but while the official theme is “Journey to the Private Cloud”, I’ve seen a couple of Star Trek references:  Federation (not the guys in the red shirts, but Storage Federation) has been a buzzword around the industry.   This year, if you’re not attending, you have a chance to get a taste of the content and excitement of the event.  EMC is working with SiliconANGLE who will be bringing “The Cube” (photo above is the Federation Star Ship Enterprise meeting the Borg Cube) to EMC World – see their post, Cloud & Storage Blowout – Chowda, SiliconANGLE, The Cube, and EMC World – Shipping Up To Boston (note that due to BCEC regulations, we’ll be serving “virtual chowder” – gift cards – instead of the real thing).

As Stu Miniman says, EMC World is the Superbowl of Storage.  It’s the main industry event where the action is not just the show but the partying and side events of which we’ll be covering like a blanket.

What content are you getting?  THREE keynote speakers (2 of which will be coming directly from the stage straight to the live video), top industry bloggers & analysts, partners (VMware, Cisco, Brocade and others) and more special guests to be announced later.  Topics will span everything from Federation, Cloud and Virtualization to Social Media, Security and Sustainability.

The broadcast will be LIVE from 2:30pm-5:30pm Eastern time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (May 10-12) and can be seen on http://siliconANGLE.com/emcworld2010.  Here is a sneak peek at the schedule (click on the graphic below to enlarge).  Note that all items subject to change, but the people named are currently scheduled. Last Update 5/6/10, 4pm.

I’ll be participating in the Networking discussion on Wednesday.

In a recent Seth Godin webinar that I attended, Seth stated that there is something about live video that excites the caveman in people’s brains.  Giving away some free content from a show can pull people into the event, increase buzz and get people more interested in attending live the next time (see my blog post from last year discussing this).  If you won’t be at EMC World in person, I hope you’ll tune in and let us know what you think.  If you’re new to this site, please consider subscribing to this blog for my ongoing mission to cover EMC World and beyond.

Stuart Miniman




Networking at EMC World 2010

April 22, 2010

It’s the most wonderful time of the year ♪  For many of us at EMC, the busiest and best week of the year is EMC World.  This year’s event – May 10-13 in Boston – will be my 8th year attending (below is a picture of photoboxes here at corporate HQ commemorating the events).  I thought that I would share my conference agenda; if you are registered for the conference, there is a nice My Agenda Scheduler tool on the EMC World site.  I will be focusing on the networking related sessions.


Registration opens at 6pm

Welcome Reception begins at 7pm, followed by a concert with Counting Crowes at 8pm


9:30am-10:30am: Joe Tucci’s keynote – Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

11am-noon: My presentation – Converged Data Center: FCoE, iSCSI and the Future of Storage Networking

Grab lunch and then check out the Exhibition Floor which is open until 1:45pm

2pm-3pm: Pat Gelsinger’s keynote – President & Chief Operating Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure Products

4:45pm-5:45pm: Cloud Computing Panel

5:45pm-7:45pm City of Champions Reception sponsored by EMC Select – I hear that there will be Hall of Fame baseball players and equipment from the Baseball HoF


8am-9am: FCoE Topologies, Protocol and Limitations presented by Erik Smith from E-Lab who is our primary representative for T11 (this session will also be repeated at 8:30am on Thursday)

9:30am-10:30am: Brian Gallagher’s keynote – Symmetrix & Virtualization Product Group

Exhibition Floor is open from 10:30am-1:45pm

3:30pm-4:30pm Cisco: Workload Mobility across Data Centers with innovations from VMware, Cisco and EMC – includes Cisco OTV and VMware VMotion across data centers

Tuesday is the best night to go out for a nice dinner and there are also typically a number of parties (you can usually find out details from vendors on the Exhibition Floor).


8am-9am: Birds of a Feather sessions, which are designed to be an interactive discussion.  E-Lab will be hosting “Future of Storage Networking”

2pm-3pm: 2nd run of my presentation – Converged Data Center: FCoE, iSCSI and the Future of Storage Networking

5pm-6pm: Virtualization Technology and Directions presented by David Black, PhD – this is a great overview covering how virtualization technologies and solutions are applied to network, server and storage.

Wednesday night is the big conference event at Faneuil Hall.

There are also plenty of great sessions on Thursday, but I’m usually wiped out by Wednesday night.

Where to Find Me

During some of the Exhibition Floor hours, I will be in the EMC Community Network (ECN) booth for discussions about the Innovation & Research community that we have on Labs.

When not in a session or on the Exhibition Floor, I will be spending time at the Blogger’s Lounge (sign up at the wiki).

For those not attending EMC World in person (there is still time to register), there will be a microsite where you will find Twitter, blog and video updates from the conference (I’ll post the link as soon as it’s available).  The official Twitter account for the conference is @emcworld and the hashtag is #emcworld.

All times at the conference are subject to change.  I’ll post any updates or additional sessions of interest on this site.  I’m looking forward to all of the discussions in person and on-line.  Please post comments below or ping me on Twitter if I can be of any assistance.  If you’re new to this site, please consider subscribing to this blog.

Stuart Miniman



Tapping into blogger communities

March 31, 2010

What is a blogger?  Not only are there the corporate and independent bloggers, but many bloggers don’t fall into the well defined traditional buckets such as marketing, press, or analyst.  While companies have mostly tackled how they will allow their employees to participate in the social world, how can companies engage and tap into the fast-changing communities of external bloggers?

Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of participating a number of events that have tapped into blogger communities – see my Blogger Photo wall for some of them.  Bloggers are always looking for connections and information, so if you can bring together a group that have similar interests around an event is a good way to build some goodwill.  Most bloggers are rather social and many are including photos and videos, so make sure to give them time to socialize and appropriate power, networking and  interview areas.

Here are 3 upcoming events of blogger communities:

The brainchild of Stephen Foskett, the 2nd Gestalt IT Tech Field Day is coming to Boston on April 8th and 9th.  As described on the website: “This unique event brings together innovative IT product vendors and independent thought leaders, allowing them to get to know one another. It is a forum for engagement, education, hands-on experience, and feedback.”  EMC is a sponsor of the event which provides us with 3 hours where we are looking forward to good technical discussion.  These events help to increase connections and is a clear benefit to both the attendees and sponsors by building a tighter sense of community.  One of the aspects of the event that I really like is that there is time for discussion and socialization built into the schedule.  You can follow the event on Twitter using #TechFieldDay.

We are in full preparation mode for this year’s EMC World, which is being held in Boston from May 10-13 – see the site for registration details.  Len Devanna is bringing back the highly successful Blogger’s Lounge to this years show.  Looks like we’ll have an interesting mix of tech bloggers, social media experts, press and analysts.  I had so many good conversations at last year’s event that I had lost my voice by Wednesday.  Bloggers can sign up for entrance on this wiki.  In addition to the usual broad spectrum of keynotes and technical presentations, I’m hearing that a lot of the podcasts and industry calls that normally take a week off for the conference will be broadcast from EMC World this year.  It will be like the Superbowl week for the storage industry.  If any bloggers have questions about attending or partners have questions about tapping into some of the special events, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll be happy to help connect you with the appropriate people.  You can follow the event on Twitter using #emcworld.

The third event is the World Innovation Forum which is held in New York City on June 8-9th.  HSM Americas started a blogger’s lounge for the World Innovation Forum and World Business Forum last year and they were both tremendous events.  In addition to the world class speakers, they helped to create a community of bloggers from diverse industries.  The bloggers are given access similar to press which included special seating, plus the very necessary network and power connections.  The Twitter activity and blogging posts increase the conference’s reach around the world and continues the discussions long after the conference has ended.  There are so many things that can be learned by reading and interacting with bright and engaged people with very different points of view.  If you can’t make this event in person, you can follow it on Twitter using #wif10.

Have you seen any other interesting engagements with blogging communities?  I hope that you’ll join some of the upcoming events, either in person or through conversation on Twitter or through this blog.  I’d love to share any viewpoints or questions from the community at these events.  If you’re new to this site, please consider subscribing to this blog.

Stuart Miniman



FCoE in 2010 – update and events

January 7, 2010

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is still a hot topic in 2010.  My expectation is that in 2010, FCoE will have strong growth (of course, growing by high percentages is easy when you start with small numbers) and that as more server options with FCoE become available that we will start to see FCoE expanding many FC environments. From a standards perspective, T11 FC-BB-6 is working to “add details” to the current FCoE environments; while the exact goals are not completed, they may include distributed FCF functionality (enabling multi-hop) and direct connectivity of end nodes (removing the requirement of a switch).  People should understand that even when we have multi-hop and end-to-end configurations, that it will take time to grow the scope of solutions.  In 2010, we are unlikely to see an all-Ethernet FCoE configuration running thousands of nodes in a single configuration.

As part of the extending the solution to you, there are some upcoming events where I will be speaking on FCoE.

FCoE: Fact vs Fiction hosted by Wikibon

The first event will be a conversation hosted by Wikibon.  I will be joining Nigel Poulton, Dave Graham and others to discuss the realities of the technology, share what we are hearing in the marketplace and answer your questions.

Please join us and participate in the conversation.

Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm ET (9:00am – 10:00am PT)

See the Wikibon site for more details on the call.

Ethernet Summit

The Ethernet Summit is a 2-day event put on by the Ethernet Alliance, this year’s is February 24-25, 2010 at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose, CA.

There will be a full day of FCoE where I will be presenting the origins and status of FCoE.  The keynote of the day is Silvano Gai, who literally wrote the book on FCoE.  Claudio DeSanti, Chairperson of the committee at T11 that defines FCoE, will be giving the technology overview and there will be a panel discussion including members from Emulex, HP, QLogic, NetApp and Cisco.

In addition to the FCoE coverage, I’ll be looking forward to getting the latest on the networking industry including plenty of information on 40/100 Gb Ethernet.

For more details on the conference including the full agenda and registration details, see http://www.ethernetsummit.com/.

EMC World 2010

If you see my posts from last year, EMC World has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year.  The conference is May 10-13th in Boston.  My presentation last year was the top attended for the entire conference, so the bar is set high for this year.  My presentation for this year is entitled Converged Data Center: FCoE, iSCSI and the future of storage networking.  It’s always a great sharing of information with so many people that I look forward to seeing.  For more details and for registration (there are some great gifts available if you register by February 28th), please click the graphic below.

Please post any questions that you have and let me know if you’ll be at any of the events listed.  If you are new to this site and interested in continuing the discussion on storage networking, please consider subscribing to this blog.

Stuart Miniman