Convergence in a Podcast, Conference and Virtual Seminar

Just a quick post – sharing a podcast that I did with Thomas Jones, I’ll be attending Interop in NYC this week and I’ll be presenting as part of a virtual seminar on October 27th.

Coffee with Thomas

I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Thomas Jones (who I met in person at EMC World this year) – it’s a nice relaxed conversation with the two of us talking about technology (VMware, stacks, network convergence and mobile) and social (blogging).  You can listen to the 30 minute podcast here or on iTunes.  Be sure to check out Thomas’ other segments with some of my favorite people including Mark Twomey, Louis Gray and Jamie Pappas.


I’ll be attending the Interop conference in New York City (Javits Center) on Wednesday and Thursday.  I’ll be talking to a number of networking and cloud vendors.  It’s been many years since I’ve been to this conference (it was Networld+Interop the last time I went), I’m curious to see how this independent show compares to the “World” vendor shows (EMC, VMware, Oracle, etc).  Anyone who is attending that would like to chat, drop a comment on the site or ping me on Twitter.  The hashtag for the conference is #interop.

Network Evolution

On October 27th, (TechTarget’s networking group) will be holding a free virtual seminar called Network Evolution: Adapting to New Architectures.  There will be a cloud presentation by John Burke, a virtualization presentation by Eric Siebert and I will be presenting a converged network presentation.  My session will cover the latest in FC, Ethernet (FCoE, iSCSI, 40/100GbE) and InfiniBand.  The session is an hour long, about half of which is Q&A from the audience, so please come and bring your questions – register here.

Hope to see you at one of the events online or in person.

Stuart Miniman

4 Responses to Convergence in a Podcast, Conference and Virtual Seminar

    • Stuart Miniman says:

      Hi John,
      Thanks for the comment. I noted some updates (like the standards ratification) in the comments of that article, but otherwise I believe it is mostly unchanged. Was there something specific that you’re looking for? I’ve mentioned some 40Gb products on, but it’s not something that most enterprises are ready for yet.

      • Im interested in whether FO will overtake Cu in the near term. I chair the connector group on the international electronics manufacturing initiative technology roadmap. I also have a blog: that was set up to get input on US manufacturing – much of which has moved to Asia….

    • Stuart Miniman says:

      I’ve had many discussions with end users and vendors about the copper vs optical debate. In general, fiber is increasing from what I see (dominant in FC and until recently small minority in Ethernet). But I do not think that Copper goes away any time soon. There is too much legacy wiring cable plant with RJ45 and 10Gb does support it. In the rack, copper is > 50% of 10GbE and should grow as 10GBaseT rolls out. Out of rack is potentially swinging away from copper and when 40&100 pick up, copper could be in trouble, but we have a few years on that.
      Happy to chat offline – email is stu at Wikibon dot org

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