Share the source of your inspiration

How do you determine what blogs to read?  There are millions of choices and most people reach a point where they either become inundated with too much information or they stop adding new sources.  Of course, if we continue to go to the same sources, we will be finding less new ideas.

Finding and sharing the best blogs

Google Reader LogoI read plenty of articles and there are a small percentage of blog posts that I read that I would like to be able to go back and read again or reference in blog posts.  After reading articles from Louis Gray about Google Reader, I learned that not only can I keep a history of the articles that I enjoyed most, but I can also share the links with others.  I find that one of the best ways to stay energized with blogging is to keep reading different viewpoints, and by looking at the shared links of friends, coworkers and bloggers, I could read the “expertly filtered” articles from many more sources than I would ever have time to read.

If you enjoy my blog posts, you might have interest in the items that I share since they are part of the inspiration for what I write.  If you would be interested in my shared items and use Google Reader, go to Sharing Settings (which you can go find a link to at “Your Stuff” towards the top of the left bar) and in the “Find people sharing in Reader” put  For other feed readers or to see the shared link page, you can go to this link.  [Note that making connections through Google accounts can also allow you to connect via Gmail, Google Chat and Google Wave]

I addition to sharing through the Google Reader interface, you can also use the bookmarket to share any item that you are reading around the web.  There are other options for sharing such as social bookmarking and Twitter – and if you can, I recommend using multiple options – but only in Google Reader can you read the full articles and share them from a single screen.

Whether you are an active blogger or reader of the web, it is a simple thing to share articles.  It not only helps to promote the best articles that you find, but allows your contacts to spend less time in finding some great resources.

Stuart Miniman


3 Responses to Share the source of your inspiration

  1. Louis Gray says:

    Google Reader is a fantastic tool for sharing the best of the Web. You can also share these items to your Twitter account (watch for high volume!) using Reader2Tweet at

    • Stuart Miniman says:

      Thanks Louis – An automated tool like that would probably be easier, but I use the “Send to: Twitter” that is part of Google Reader for those items that I want to send to Twitter (and can add comments).

  2. Mark Essel says:

    Great post Stuart. Found this via Louis Gray’s share and enjoyed the read. How we consume, share and create information on the web is evolving with an array of technologies. Depending on the find, I’ll social bookmark it, share it with google reader, tweet it, blog about it or email it. My “death by a thousand paper cuts” approach to sharing is difficult to track, but wordpress, disqus, and friendfeed help here.

    As time goes on a simpler sharing methodology will evolve saving me time and I’ll gravitate naturally towards it. As far as discovery goes social shares are amazing. But I need some more personalized filters that I can tune to optimize the experience. I’m workin with others at on a tool now (very early phases, stable release coming sometime this week). We have plans for an API to utilize a user tag cloud and pattern matching to other users who share their interests.

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