World Business Forum Blogger’s Lounge

We are less than a month away from the World Business Forum which is being held at Radio City Music Hall on October 6-7. HSM Americas has been announcing via Twitter the members of the Blogger’s Lounge.

As we lead up to the conference, you can get to know the bloggers through their posts which I’ve aggregated on the World Business Forum FriendFeed group.  During the conference, there will be a lot of Twitter activity.  For the best experience, I would recommend that you follow a real-time stream of the hashtag, #WBF09; I will be using Tweet Grid, which you can see from this link.

Twitter ID Name Blog
@smarterplanet Adam Christensen
@AndreaMeyer Andrea Meyer
Barry Ritholtz
@BenParr Ben Parr
@BobPrestonCCO Bob Preston
@innovate Braden Kelley
@conferencehound Bruce Carlisle
@Rascaltweets Chris Brady
@whatworks Dan Kehrer
@angrybearecon Daniel Crawford
@daveibsen David Ibsen
@economistmom Diane Lim Rogers
@donpeppers Don Peppers
@ellenfweber Ellen Weber
@felixsalmon Felix Salmon
@hankwasiak Hank Wasiak
Jeffrey Sherman Thomas
@JenBoynton Jennifer Boynton
@jimestill Jim Estill
@jonathanfields Jonathan Fields
@conferencehound Jordan Enright-Schulz
Joseph McCool
@yourboot Julie Lenzer Kirk
@chiefhotmomma Kathy Korman Frey
@newsweek Katie Paul
@angrybearecon Ken Houghton
@KenMcArthur Ken McArthur
@LaurynFranzoni Lauryn Franzoni
@VaultCareers Linda Petock
@lizstrauss Liz Strauss
@margeryw Margery Weinstein
@matmcdermott Mat McDermott
@MichaelStallard Michael Stallard
@nickaster Nick Aster
@Orrin_Woodward Orrin Woodward
@PaulDunay Paul Dunay
@wsj Paul Glader
@VaultCareers Philip Stott
@RJMAC Reena Jana
@Renee_Innosight Renee Hopkins
@chiefcatalyst Renee Lewis
Robert McNeill
@Robyngreenspan Robyn Greenspan
@RobynMcMaster Robyn McMaster
@Rohitbhargava Rohit Bhargava
@ryanm Ryan Mickle
@SethKahan Seth Kahan
@huffbusiness Shahien Nasiripour
@ssmirnov Stephanie Smirnov
@SteveRoesler Steve Roesler
@stevetodd Steve Todd
@stu Stuart Miniman
@starbucker Terry Starbucker

I will update the list as more information is available. [UPDATE: updated 9/29/09]  I was very excited when I saw the list of speakers at the conference.  Now I wish that there were two more days just to talk to all of the bloggers.  We will all be looking to pull the outside world into this event, I hope you will join us and let us know of questions that you would like discussed.

Stuart Miniman

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14 Responses to World Business Forum Blogger’s Lounge

  1. Andrea Meyer says:

    Thanks for creating this master list, Stu, and for aggregating all the posts on the World Business Forum FriendFeed group! Looking forward to seeing you again in October!

  2. Hey, thanks for compiling this list – what an excellent group. Sure looking forward to meeting everyone, seein the panels, and (of course) blogging and Tweeting about it!

    All the best.

  3. […] World Business Forum Blogger’s Lounge « Blog Stu – Stuart Miniman – view page – cached #RSS 2.0 Blog Stu – Stuart Miniman » World Business Forum Blogger’s Lounge Comments Feed Blog Stu – Stuart Miniman Blog Stu Reboot Pull the Outside In for Events — From the page […]

  4. Sri Lestari says:

    Thanks for the list. Its an excellent group 😀

  5. George Levy says:

    This IS a great list and I’m referencing it from several different places. Thanks for compiling the bloggers (several new additions since this one was posted 🙂 ) and I’m very much looking forward to seeing you at Radio City Music Hall in October.

  6. Stu, nice touch.

    Fascinating lineup of folks and looking forward to connecting at the event.

  7. Renee says:

    Thanks for doing this, Stu! Also, I’ve found another good resource for live-tweeting (both the tweeting and the following) is TweetChat.

  8. Liz Strauss says:

    So looking forward to connecting and re-connecting with the people on this list! What fabulous event this is going to be on so many levels!!

  9. Nick Aster says:

    Hey Stu, two more to add:

    Nick Aster @nickaster
    Ryan Mickle @ryanm

    Both from

    We’ll all be tweeting @triplepundit too

    Psyched to meet everybody!

  10. Stu: can you add my twitter id (economistmom) to the list? Even though I don’t use it yet, I hope to start in NYC–maybe with the guidance of you expert tweeters who will be there… 😉 –Diane

  11. Phil Stott says:

    Stu: I know we’re a little late to the game, but is also going to be blogging and tweeting from the Forum (we just got confirmation today!). We’re sending two bloggers: me and Linda Petock. We’re both going to be tweeting from @vaultpinkslip, and posting to a variety of Vault’s blogs. Looking forward to meeting some of the other bloggers and hopefully picking up some tips along the way! Phil.

  12. Hi Stu, thank you for all the extra prep you’ve done to compile this excellent list and planning the dinner where we all can get together. So look forward to meeting you and so many others at the conference.

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