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When I first started looking at the blogosphere, I saw that to be successful, you need a subject (there appears to be an audience for most subjects on the long tail of niches), some credibility in the subject, passion and a regular posting schedule.  A year ago, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about other than Facebook didn’t give me enough flexibility and Twitter didn’t give me enough characters.  I started an account on Tumblr, because it was very easy, so the barrier to entry made it very easy to just start posting.  My primary topic of conversation was the various tools of Web 2.0 such as RSS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and FriendFeed and my audience was my mother and some coworkers.  For those that were interested, they could read along with my online journey.  The blog was also a good place to post any of the material that I was creating on FCoE.  I had titled the original blog “Blog Stu” as a tribute to “Chat Stew” on The Soup as well as that my material would be a mix of ingredients, but hopefully when simmered together, would make some sense.  In my job, I work cross-functionally to examine technologies and hopefully find synergies that allow groups to share knowledge and resources.  I believe that social media tools have the opportunity to allow the same thing.  It takes some effort to learn the tools, but when used properly, you can find people and information that you might not have access to otherwise.

Thats me in the middle, Tweeting and Blogging

That's me in the middle, Tweeting and Blogging

While the Tumblr site was simple to use, it had a number of limitations.  I added in discussions via Disqus and while it doesn’t have a search, I could tag posts to allow for grouping of posts by subject or event.  Tumblr posts don’t seem to get indexed on Google as frequently as other sites.  The turning point for me was when I had the opportunity to attend the World Innovation Forum in New York City as a blogger.  I posted a few blog entries and got some good feedback on my content.  I have also been working with EMC’s social media community and thought that a more professional looking blog wouldn’t be a bad thing to have.

So, my subject is the adoption of technologies, spanning from the storage networking technologies that I cover such as iSCSI and FCoE and the social media space.  I see a lot of paralells between the spaces: there are those who will tell you that a single technology or tool is the best, but my position is that it is difficult for businesses or people to make changes and therefore we need to look at not just what technology is the best, but what the impact is on how your processes.

“We always overestimate what we can accomplish in a year and underestimate what we can do in a decade. “

As I wrote in a post inspired by futurist, Paul Saffo, it is not through partisan or entrenched positions that we can drive change, but through open dialogue and debate.  My aim of this blog is to help be a catalyst for discussion and debate.  I also like to help connect people to information and people that I find useful.  I tend to do this by linking to the sites that inspire or inform me.

As for the guidelines that I laid out for blogging, I have a topic and passion.  As for credibility, I will list myself as an enthusiast and searcher of knowledge, hopefully you will find the content worth reading and discussing.  I will try to post 1-2 times per week, I hope that you will consider subscribing to the blog.  I’m still happy with the name Blog Stu, hopefully like the content, a bit amusing and not taking myself too seriously. 😉 Just as Hollywood has been reusing the same characters/universes in movies, I hope to bring my “rebooted” blog to a those that are interested in the content and conversation.  Please let me know what you think of the content or any tips on the new site (I expect to be playing with the layout).

Stuart Miniman


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